Happy thanksgiving–or as it used to be known, “Ragamuffin Day”!

thanksgiving-masking-13c6e356820ec92330ef0a4a53a367ff7b38f815-s800-c85Happy thanksgiving, Whomp Stomper fans!  Did you know in the early 20th century, thanksgiving was known as “Ragamuffin Day” and was celebrated a lot more like we celebrate Halloween today?

“Children would dress themselves in rags and oversized, overdone parodies of beggars (a la Charlie Chaplin’s character ‘The Tramp’),”

“The ragamuffins would then ask neighbors and adults on the street, ‘Anything for Thanksgiving?’ The usual response would be pennies, an apple, or a piece of candy.”

Check out this NPR article on the subject. However you celebrate, we hope you have a great one!  Enjoy the Duke Ellington Orchestra’s version of Ragamuffin Romeo to get back into the ’20s Ragamuffin spirit:






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